Acro Yoga

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What is acrobatic yoga?

Yoga means union, the union between the body and the mind, the union of the soul and the sacred bliss of meditative movement. Parter yoga, also known as acrobatic yoga, is the union between two people.

It is communication in a primal yet evolved form.

Acrobatic Yoga is a mixture of the awareness of your specific body mechanics and the sensory perception of another person’s body mechanics. It turns physical movement into an intense focused conversation, where higher level moves cannot be achieved until the two people have built a common vocabulary of muscle engagement.

In short, AcroYoga improves your communication.

It strengthens your relationships.

It helps you thrive.

Its the gateway drug into a gymnasts body.

Anyone can do AcroYoga. The base requirement is that you are able to touch your toes… and even that one can be gotten around as long as you’re willing to push through the first couple weeks as your hamstrings stretch and your muscles tremble. After enough AcroYoga you will be able to touch your toes, and suddenly the moves you struggled to do will become much easier.

You can do Acrobatic Yoga if you are grossely overweight.

You can get good at AcroYoga if you are overweight.

You will burn fat doing AcroYoga.

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